A video of a 39-year-old coronavirus patient is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet, showing the importance of social distance to people.

Coronavirus cases, which have had infected more than 2,75,000 people worldwide, continue to grow. The governments of all affected countries of the world are making every effort they can and taking various steps to prevent the spread of the virus at their own level. Many countries including France, Italy, and New Zealand have also declared lockdowns.  This is the reason why this virus has been declared as high danger.

Videos going viral on social media

As the number of coronavirus cases is steadily increasing, leaders, actors, artists, doctors, and scientists are posting their opinions, doubts, pictures, and videos on social media platforms to make people more aware. Corona Survivors are also sharing their opinions and experience as well as expressing their concern over the growing threat globally. In a recent viral video, the 39-year-old British woman, who has been found to be Coronavirus positive, has shared her pain-filled experience and given some necessary instructions to the people.

Coronavirus Survivor told painful experience in viral video

The video of the 39-year-old patient is becoming viral on the Internet, as it shows the importance of social distance to people and spreading awareness about this deadly virus. According to reports, the woman has been identified as Tara Jane Langston, who was brought to the hospital last Friday after suffering from COVID-19 and has been in bed since then. Not only this, but she has also made this video from the hospital bed.


The feeling of glass freezing in lungs

In this video shared by Tara, it appears that she is requesting people from all over the world to not take things lightly. Talks about her condition and said that due to this virus, she feels that glass has accumulated in her lungs. Gasping while breathing, Tara Jane Langston showed the audience two tubes, which were inserted into her arm.


Tara told her situation

As can be seen in the video, Tara is saying, “I am in the Intensive Care Unit. I cannot breathe without them. They have stitched my arteries. I have been given two cannulas and a catheter. I’m already feeling ten times better. I forgot to count the days. If someone smoke, they should give up cigarettes because I’m telling you now, you would need your lungs, and please, do not make such a mistake, you may be a victim of it. Because that really kill your lungs.”

According to the WHO official website, the coronavirus Respiratory symptoms are: 

Shortness of breath.


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