diseases are silent killers
diseases are silent killers

Nowadays most people are suffering from some diseases. There are many diseases whose symptoms are not understood and then later these become fatal for life. It is very difficult for everyone to understand the diseases occurring slowly without knocking. These diseases, which work like silent killers, do not surround us, so medical checkups should be done from time to time, as well as caution in regular exercise and eating.

medical checkups
Medical checkups

High blood pressure indicates major illness

According to Dr. Nabi Wali of AIIMS, blood pressure in the body indicates many diseases. Due to changing routines and stressful lifestyles these days every third person is suffering from high blood pressure problems. The problem of high blood pressure can be avoided by taking precautions in regular checkups and catering. The increase in blood pressure, may be the cause of problems like heart attack, kidney disease, cholesterol increase, and stroke arise. To balance blood pressure, avoid eating too much salt and fried foods.


Diabetes disease

According to Dr. Anurag Shahi of AIIMS, diabetes is a disease in which the patient does not directly experience any pain, but if its level becomes abnormal, then many physical problems arise. Diabetes is considered a genetic disease, but today’s irregular lifestyle is also a big reason for this. The initial symptoms of this disease are not understood, but irritability, pain in the feet, sore throat, and frequent urinals may be some of the signs. If such signs are felt, then a medical checkup should be done immediately. Low-carbohydrate foods should be consumed in the meal. Apart from this, sugar-free food should be consumed.


Kidney problem

Kidney-related problems also occur suddenly in front of the patient, but it can start much before the illness. Kidney problems can be avoided if the initial symptoms are examined. If there are any signs of living like vomiting, physical weakness, swelling in the body, then a checkup should be done immediately. Kidney disease mostly occurs in people who eat outside food, so eating junk food outside should be avoided. Apart from this, kidney disease can be avoided by taking green vegetables, fiber-rich fruits and regular intake of curd. Also, it should be noted how many times a day they go to the toilets. Generally, if a person toilets 8 to 10 times a day, his kidney is considered healthy.


Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer is also a major silent killer disease, whose initial symptoms are very difficult to understand. Lung, skin, breast, and blood cancer, etc. Many types of cancer are happening to many people. Whose treatment is possible, but it is very difficult to eliminate all the cancerous bacteria. To avoid cancer diseases, one should eat foods rich in vitamin ‘C’ and exercise regularly.


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