Spices used in food are excellent for enhancing taste as well as health. So today four of them will know about spices and their specialty


Barring a few ones, the taste of most vegetables made in India is faded without spices. And one unique thing about these spices is that they are very beneficial for our health along with their taste. So you will know about 4 spices which are full of many qualities.



The rye has a strong bitter aroma and a mild bitter gourd with swollen fennel is full of many healthy properties. Many nutrients like calcium, magnesium, copper, selenium, iron, and zinc are found in rye. The vitamin B6 present in it is very beneficial for our nervous system. Kalonji i.e. onion seeds are also helpful in fighting serious health problems like asthma, high blood pressure, and malaria.



Fenugreek is an important part of Indian spices. It is beneficial for health in many ways. The iron in it protects us from anemia. It keeps the digestive system healthy. The use of it does not cause acidity. Its effect is hot and its consumption also protects us from colds. Fenugreek is good medicine for diabetes patients.


Aromatic Clove-Cardamom

The clove flavor is hot, the cardamom cool. The similarity between the two is that their taste is initially astringent but later it gives a unique freshness to the mouth. Both have a seductive fragrance. It is seen to be associated with romantic sentiments, perhaps because a Hindi film song and many folklore have been said to have clove-cardamom.


Red chili

You would be surprised to know that red chili does not only increase the taste of food but is also beneficial in terms of health. Apart from vitamin C and carotene, it also contains vitamins A, B, and minerals, which act as antioxidants for our body. It also helps in increasing blood circulation along with arousing appetite. Its effect is warm. Therefore, it also protects us from colds. Research so far has also proved that red chili protects us from serious diseases like cancer and also helps in weight loss.


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