Summer Breakfast Ideas: Here we are telling you about 4 breakfasts which are easy to make and healthy


It is important to see what we eat and when. According to experts, the first meal of the day should be healthy, nutritious, and not so heavy, so that energy is generated in the body throughout the day and the stomach is also healthy. To improve your lifestyle, you should choose some interesting, easy, and healthy breakfast options that are good for your digestive system and that will surely fill you with energy for the day. Here we tell you some summer breakfasts that are not only good for your digestion, but will also keep your body cool.


Set your food limit

During the summer, digestibility weakens. This does not mean that you should be hungry. Eat as much as you like, but don’t eat too much at once. Also, decide not to use too many spices, oil, and chili peppers in your food. If you like spicy, use green chili instead of red chili.


Eat juicy summer fruit

In summer, eat special fruits and vegetables like melon, cucumber, tomato, lemon, orange, sugar cane, mango, etc. These fruits are rich in water, so eating them in summer is very beneficial for you. On the one hand, while the water in them keeps your body fresh and hydrated, on the other hand, their nutrients benefit your body. These fruits contain a good amount of fiber, which also cleanses the intestines and the digestive system.


Fruit salad

You can have a bowl of fruit salad for breakfast. Add papaya, cucumber, apple, and banana and feel the difference. The digestive enzymes present in papaya improve your intestines, eliminating problems such as ulcers. This will improve the health of your stomach, and on the other hand, nutrients like vitamins A, C, minerals, and potassium in apples will help deal with other digestive problems. Eating at least one banana a day is suggested, as high fiber content is beneficial for the intestines. An enzyme called epsin found in cucumbers is also helpful in proper digestion. This keeps the body hydrated.


Oatmeal and fruit

All you have to do is grab a bowl of yogurt, oatmeal, muesli, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and chia seeds. Your hearty and healthy breakfast is ready. Oatmeal is a probiotic that produces good bacteria in your gut and keeps it full longer.


Honey and lemon water

Finally, although this is not a breakfast itself but an effective combination that can be done before breakfast since it also helps improve immunity and digestion. They promote metabolism and keep weight balanced. For this, take an empty stomach with warm water.


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