Diabetes problem
Diabetes problem

The risk of these 3 diseases is increasing due to the discontinuation of blood pressure medicines in the Coronavirus affair worldwide

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Among the ever-increasing cases of coronavirus, such a theory is coming out that patients taking high blood pressure medicines are more susceptible to this virus, although experts believe that those who are taking BP medicines should remain taking them.

Some early research revealed that the coronavirus is associated with angiotensin, which acts to convert it into enzymes 2 and ACE-2. Increased levels of ACE-2 are prevented by treatment with ACE inhibitors and ARBs. These two types of medicines are useful in the treatment of high blood pressure. The Multiple Cardiology Association has published some statements stating that further studies are needed to complete the subject. Experts say that no such evidence has been found, which proves that you should stop blood pressure medicines.

According to a statement from the European Society of Cardiology, there is no logical basis for these hypotheses regarding the coronavirus withholding ACE-i or ARB treatment nor does science support them.

According to the statement, although some studies on animals have found evidence that these drugs can protect coronavirus-infected patients from serious lung problems, no data has been revealed on humans. Though till now it is only theory doctors are taking it very seriously. Dr. Brook Watts of Metrohealth said in an interview with a website that when it comes to the coronavirus, there is still much study that needs to be done.

Dr. Keith Armitage, medical director of the UH Rowe Green Center for Travel Medicine and Global Health, says discontinuing blood pressure medications without consulting a doctor can cause serious side effects.

According to the website of the American Heart Association, reducing the dosage of medicines (like not taking a pill at a time) can also increase blood pressure and risk of fatal diseases like heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and kidney failure.

Dr. Keith Armitage says that we are getting to know and learn new things about Coronavirus daily. He said people should take this report seriously. But for long-term remedies related to your treatment, it will be needed real evidence.

Easy tips to keep high blood pressure low:

  • Meditation works to relieve stress, take at least five minutes of the day for meditation.
  • Stress works to shrink your blood vessels and blood pressure gradually increases, which also increases the risk of heart health.
  • One of the most effective ways to keep high blood pressure low is to lose weight. You can keep blood pressure down by reducing weight even from 3 to 5 kg.
  • You can keep high blood pressure low by exercising for half an hour at least five days a week. You can do your favorite exercise for this, you do not even need to go to the gym.
  • Drinking too much alcohol can increase blood pressure, so pay attention to reducing the amount of alcohol.


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