Are you also worried about sneezing in the morning? There can be many reasons for this, keep reading to know which ones


Sneezing is a natural process. But sometimes it becomes troublesome for us. Sneezing during a cold is also not considered to be largely inaccurate, as long as it is not severe, like the common cold heal over time. But there can be serious problems behind sneezing many times, which affect you in the long run.

So what happens to you so often that as soon as you get up, you start sneezing? This is not very worrying because it is very common and it happens to many people. Many factors promote sneezing in the morning, so let us look at what may be the main reason for sneezing.


Seasonal allergies

In medical parlance, seasonal allergies are called allergic rhinitis, it can be caused by a high amount of dust in the house, animal hair, or fungal bacteria. Even someone’s pillow or bed can be causing allergies. Symptoms increase when you sleep because your nasal passages play an important role in triggering factors during prolonged sleep.


Your room is dry

A dry nose can be a problem due to prolonged sitting in an air-conditioned room, causing the body to dry out. This can cause continuous sneezing once you have wake up morning.


You have sinus

There is a lining inside the nose due to sinus, it is called nasal lining, it contains a problem, due to which mucus comes out of the nose and causes pain. It can also cause sneezing.


Sun exposure

Medically it is called photic sneeze reflex, a condition in which a type of stimulation arises and sneezes are difficult to control. These stimuli include exposure to light or sun.


Vasomotor rhinitis

Vasomotor rhinitis is an inflammation in the membranes inside the nose. It often causes sneezing after a change in temperature or a change in the body’s immune activity during sleep. If you also have this problem, then exposure to cold/hot air in the morning can cause sneezing.


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