coronavirus Quarantine
coronavirus Quarantine

Are you worried about your health during quarantine? There are some tips from the WHO you can follow to stay fit and active

coronavirus Quarantine
coronavirus Quarantine


If there is something that is more important these days it is Your health and the health of your family. This time of home quarantine is a test of our patience. But it is the best way to deal with the ongoing epidemic, which has already killed thousands and is affecting millions. When you are asked to stay at home, it does not mean adopting the formula of ‘Eat-sleep-repeat’. You should keep your body fit and active in 21 days’ so that you can celebrate the defeat of this deadly virus.

It is a stressful time but the best way to live better than expected is to maintain your health. You should take care of your physical and mental health during quarantine to prevent any disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged everyone to stay healthy at home and be active by doing some easy physical activities.

These are some fun ways to stay fit and you can do these with your family or with those you are in quarantine with. Enjoy this time and not be stressed.


1. Take an online exercise class

We know that you cannot go to the gym because of the coronavirus. But it is a good idea to continue your exercise routine here at home. Take an online exercise class. You can practice online by yourself as the instructions are mentioned online. Also, if your trainer can give an online session in which he/she can guide you, it would be best. Whatever resources are available with you, you can exercise without missing your training session.


2. Dance with music

If you are fond of music and your feet start twitching with the tunes on their own, this is a wonderful practice. Play some good music and get started! All you need for this is a nice free space and music. After that, it is the best time to start this session in a room with people living alone or together. You can ask your quarantine partner(s) to join a fun session.

coronavirus Quarantine
coronavirus Quarantine

3. Play Active Video Games

If you’re a gaming lover, why not try active video games. This isolation and social distance may have taken a toll on your health and well-being, but you must take care of your body. Find a partner and start a video game.


4. jump the rope

This is probably the best exercise if you can do it. This will surely keep your body fit. Surprisingly, jumping rope almost gives you the same results as a regular exercise or a daily gym. Skip as much as you can and gradually increase the number to see your stamina, strength, and endurance on release day.


5. Muscle Strength and Balance Training

To do muscle strength and balance training, search for home appliances, or ask your trainers. You do not need gym equipment for this type of training. There are some tools in your home that can help you maintain your strength and balance.


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