low-calorie food
low-calorie food

If a low-calorie nutritious diet is taken for a long time, the heart’s performance remains better despite increasing age

low-calorie food
low-calorie food

The amount of exercise required to keep ourselves healthy is as important as our diet. Both have a very primordial role in our health. With the help of which we can stay fit for a long time. Many people consume anything fast and easily made but do you know that many of the things you consume have a lot of calories, due to which the risk of increasing your obesity is also high? For this, it is most important that you take low-calorie food along with all your other essential nutrients.

If the amount of calories in food is high, then obesity can occur. So include low-calorie food in your dieting chart. Recent research has shown that if a low-calorie nutritious diet is taken for a long time, then the heart’s performance remains better despite increasing age.
Professor Dr. Lugi Fantana of the School of Medicine at Washington University in the United States said that his research is important because it is the first time in humans that aging with low-calorie food has been reported late. He informed that before this research, due to low-calorie intake in small mammals, aging has also been proved. The research has been published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology. According to the report, the research selected 25 individuals who had been given a balanced but low-calorie diet for about six-and-a-half years, while 25 people were generally eaten in Western countries. Outgoing food was given. Meanwhile, researchers studied the working of the heart of both categories of people and after that, these conclusions were drawn.

Let us tell you about some low-calorie food. With this, you can easily avoid obesity and also reduce your weight.


Low-calorie food

Idli (Indian Food)

If you are looking for low-calorie food, then Idli is the best option for you. Idli, which is very popular in South Indian food, can prove to be an important part of your weight diet plan. Instead of frying the idli, cooked with steam instead of frying, these calories are low in the count.



Chicken tikka

Chicken tikka keeps you healthy as well as gives you plenty of flavors. It can also become your favorite in your weight loss diet. Let me tell you that this dish is served in most North Indian restaurants. But if you make chicken tikka at home and eat it, it will be even good.


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