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The 50-year-old was under diabetes. Dr. Anuj Maheshwari told a week ago the patient complained of dizziness. Get sugar tested. His sugar before meals was 319. As a result, the dose of insulin was increased from 20 to 25 units.

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Corona worsens the health of patients with diabetes and blood pressure
Case one

Sardar Kartar Singh, a resident of Alambagh, was under diabetes for a long time. On Saturday, Dr. Narsingh Varma of the KGMU Physiology Department showed up. The doctor changed the medicines with improvement in lifestyle, seeing the level of sugar was wrong.

The fear of coronavirus is overshadowing patients with diabetes and high blood pressure. They are eating a lot of junk food at home. Avoiding exercising. This is the reason why the level of diabetes is increasing in patients. Insulin has been increased to the extent of being given to patients. This is the patient whose diabetes and blood pressure was under control for a long time. This was revealed in the survey of KGMU and Research Society of Study of Diabetes in India.

A survey has been conducted on 200 OPD patients. It included people between 30 and 65 years old. According to Dr. Narasimha Varma of the KGMU Physiology Department, people have lived in homes. There is a round of tea-dumplings, chips, and papad throughout the day. Due to this, the patient is getting a lot of calories. But, it is not being consumed. Because of this, hormones in the body are disturbed. Sugar levels are also deteriorating and blood pressure has also become uncontrolled.

According to Dr. Anuj Maheshwari, Vice President of the Society and Governor of the American College of Physicians (Indian Chapter), a large number of people are getting complaints of increased blood sugar and blood pressure in OPD. Many people are sending reports over the phone and through WhatsApp. The number of patients whose sugar has been under control for a long time has increased. Many people had reduced insulin dose. After the new report came, he had to increase it. Diabetes patients are very caring. Because they have less power to fight against diseases. It can be difficult if the coronavirus attacks.


Stay up late at night.
Get up late in the morning.
Consumption of tea/coffee and other items several times a day.
Not exercising.

Do this 

People should take water in the morning and evening. This will not cause viruses and bacteria to grow in the windpipe.
Definitely walk inside the house or on the terrace. Work out according to age.
Take regular medicines.
Take control of food and drink. Avoid too much fried food.
Set time for sleep and wake up time.


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