benefits of mask
benefits of mask

Learn when we started wearing masks

Before people used masks when they had to stay away from things like pollution. But now the situation has come such that masks have become necessary to protect our lives. The coronavirus is causing havoc worldwide. In such a situation, the government of all countries, doctors, and the WHO should also wear masks and use sanitizer properly.

You must have seen many times before that people used to apply masks before due to many reasons. But do any of you know when the mask was identified and how it was used to prevent diseases? To know all these things you need to learn about the history of masks.


Masks were introduced in 1897

In the year 1897, about two centuries ago, face masks were introduced in Paris. While performing a surgery.

In 1910, masks became a safe passage to China and soon a symbol of medical modernity. As the pneumonic plague collided with the globe, the mask was seen as the primary preventive measure.

benefits of mask
benefits of mask

Even during SARS, wearing masks was helpful

By the year 1918, everyone wanted to hold a surgical mask to protect themselves. Masks became a symbol of community care in the First World War. In China, it became involved in the health campaigns of the Communist Party, after which it was adopted in the year 2002 to prevent the spread of the SARS epidemic in the world. After this condition, people were advised to wear masks.


Mask also arrived at China Fashion Week

After this, in 2014, Surgical Mask reached China Fashion Week. Then in 2015 designer Mash Ma took it to the Paris ramp. In the same way, gradually became a good option to keep people safe. This is the reason why doctors suggest people apply masks to avoid any infection. At the same time, in dangerous and life-threatening diseases such as the coronavirus, masks have been made a good choice. With which we can easily protect ourselves from any infection.


What are the advantages of masks?

We all touch our faces once in a day due to which we carry many bacteria to our bodies. In this case, the mask also becomes necessary because if we wear the mask repeatedly and put our hands on our mouth, then it will remain on the mask. No bacteria of any kind can enter inside our mouth. We are advised to wash our hands so that such infection cannot reach our bodies. At the same time, masks can be very beneficial for us and can help keep us healthy, so make sure you wear it.


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