high cholesterol

Due to the high amount of cholesterol in the body, you also increase the risk of heart diseases. Know how much cholesterol levels should be in the body

high cholesterol
high cholesterol

Due to the irregular lifestyle and poor diet, the risk of heart disease is also increasing. Cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease. Ignoring the amount of cholesterol in the body can be dangerous to health. The increased cholesterol level causes the blood to thicken and there is a risk of arterial blockage and the chances of heart attack also become high. To avoid all these diseases, it is very important to keep the amount of cholesterol in the body at a normal level.

There are 2 types of cholesterol in everyone’s body. One is the good cholesterol known as HDL and the other is the bad cholesterol known as LDL. It is very important to control both one and the other. To be healthy, the amount of normal cholesterol in the body must be 200 mg / dL or less. The cholesterol limit must be between 200 and 239 mg / dL and the high cholesterol 240 mg / dL. At the same time, good cholesterol helps us prevent coronary heart disease and stroke.


Symptoms of increased cholesterol

It cannot be easily diagnosed if the amount of cholesterol is high. But some symptoms can help you recognize your increased cholesterol and control or lower it. Its main symptoms are:

Excess fatigue.
Repeated dyspnea.
Feet ache

What causes high cholesterol?

Unhealthy diet

Often people do not pay attention to their food and eat what they feel like eating. In the same way, consciously or unconsciously you consume something that increases your cholesterol level. Therefore, you should try not to eat high-fat food. This can also increase your obesity and cholesterol levels will also increase.



Another reason for having high cholesterol is genes. If someone in your family already has problems with high cholesterol, then it can happen to you too.



This problem is also for those who focus only on food and not the need for exercise. Some people have a habit of becoming completely lazy because they cannot stay active, which is one of the main reasons to increase their cholesterol level. Therefore, you should always try to stay active for as long as possible in order to control the amount of cholesterol in your body and avoid obesity.


How to control cholesterol levels?

  • If you are continuously gaining weight, you must first monitor your diet. So you don’t consume anything that increases your weight. The best option is to eat green vegetables and fruits.
  • Exercise daily and get used to walking. Exercising lowers your cholesterol and also keeps you active.
  • Check your cholesterol level regularly.
  • To lower cholesterol, eat things rich in antioxidants, vitamins C and E.


We also recommend: Eat less salt, it can be dangerous due to this reason