covid-19-Social Distance
covid-19-Social Distance

It is important to explain the importance of social distance to parents, grandparents and other elders and keep away from rumors. Learn how you can do it

covid-19-Social Distance

Elders are being told the highest risk due to coronavirus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said in his address that all the elders in the house should be protected from this crisis. It has been observed that Covid-19, a disease spread in nearly all countries, has made elders its prey. In your house there will be members such as parents or grandparents, whose you will be worried about. Many elderly people, especially the less educated, are finding it difficult to understand the importance of social distancing at this time. Since people in all homes are not able to talk to their elders openly, today we are telling you 5 tips, with the help of which you will be able to explain the importance of social distancing to the elders of your household.


Are you the right person to talk to?

It is often seen that the elders of the house do not consider it important to talk with their childrens. In such a situation, the biggest challenge before you may be whether you are the right person to talk to the elders of your house or not. If you feel that you can talk to them openly and speak to them without any fear or hesitation, then you should come forward. Otherwise, you should tell them by any other member present in the house the importance of social distance and the necessary precautions for the increasing dangers of coronavirus.


Speak with love, do not order

Self-esteem is a big thing for every person. Young children at home feel bad if they talk to the elderly in the wrong tone. So when you are explaining to the elderly in your house about the coronavirus or its dangers and instructing them that they should not leave the house, in the meantime keep your tone as if you are explaining them with love, not ordering. When you explain this way, it also comes to their mind that you are concerned about them, so they give more importance to your talk.


Start with questions

By the way, the discussion of coronavirus and its dangers is presently in the whole country. But it may be that the elders of your household have got misleading information and rumors through social media or WhatsApp, due to which they have started feeling safe or scared. In such a situation, you should always start the conversation with questions. You may ask them: what do you know about the coronavirus? What do you know about its dangers or what measures can be taken to prevent the virus?

After these questions, you’ll be able to gradually answer the questions arising in their mind and tell the truth of the rumors.


Do not be afraid, give correct information

It is seen that a lot of people are unnecessarily intimidating the elders of their homes and giving wrong information so that they can sit in the house out of fear. But this method is not right. Nowadays, when and where information can reach a person, it is not known. In such a situation, if you present false facts in front of elders, then later they may get angry with you or leave themselves out of the house considering themselves safe. So tell them the  true and received from reliable sources like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Tell them how much you love them

At a time when old people are dying all over the world, you should tell the elders of your house how much you love them and how much they matter in your life. The doubt and fear that will arise in your mind from them, is your victory and in this way, you can convince them. Apart from this, there are a lot of videos on the Internet on social distancing, which you can show them.


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