Greta Thunberg and her father suspected of coronavirus
Greta Thunberg and her father suspected of coronavirus

17-year-old famous climate activist Greta Thunberg has been feeling the symptoms of Coronavirus for 10 days, she has made a special appeal to the youth

Greta Thunberg and her father

17-year-old Greta Thunberg, who raised her voice on issues like climate change and environmental protection, suspects that she is a victim of coronavirus. She told that she and her father has been experiencing symptoms of coronavirus for the last 10 days. Greta has not yet done a test of Covid-19, but she feels this due to the symptoms. Greta has written these things on her own Instagram post. She told that she has recently returned from Central Europe, where initially the situation was similar to Italy.


Greta is in isolation for 2 weeks

At the moment, Greta sensing the danger has kept herself in isolation from her family. She wrote that she has rented an apartment to separate herself from her mother and sister. Greta wrote that her father was also with her on a visit recently. And now for the last 10 days, symptoms of coronavirus have started appearing in both simultaneously.


Visible symptoms of fatigue, cough, and fever

“I also had a sore throat and a persistent cough. My father was feeling the same symptoms with more severity. He also had a fever. “


The test has not been done yet

Greta writes that “In Sweden, you cannot have your Covid-19 test unless you have a medical emergency. Everyone here is feeling ill but they are being told that they stay at home and isolate me. So I have not yet had my Covid-19 test. But depending on the circumstances and symptoms, I feel very much that I have become Covid-19.

According to Greta, she is recovering a bit now and feeling fine. She wrote, “Now I am not feeling very sick. The fever I had last time was very bad from now. Now it seems that I was just too tired and struggling with a cough. But this is a more dangerous situation. Many of the youth are either not feeling the symptoms of this virus or feeling very mild. In such a situation, they feel that they do not have this virus, they do not take precautions and they spread in this way

We, the people who don’t fall into the coronavirus risk group, have a big responsibility. Our small step can lead to life and death for someone else. Set this in your mind. Follow the instructions given by experts and the local administration and stay at home to prevent the virus from spreading. And always remember that you have to take care of others and when needed.


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