spices and salt
spices and salt

Excessive Salt Can Damage Immunity

spices and salt
spices and salt

Salt not only balances the taste of food but is also beneficial for health. If you eat a balanced amount of salt, it is beneficial for the body, but the intake of more salt in the food will have an adverse effect.

Due to this, diseases like dehydration, heart disease, stomach cancer, stones, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis, etc. occur. In addition, it also affects the immune system. Especially when the whole world is struggling with the coronavirus epidemic. In such a situation, to keep our immune system strong, we need to pay full attention to our diet.

Research by University Hospital Bonn has shown that the intake of more salt in food causes the immune system to weaken. Giving more information about this, researcher Christian Cutts said that in research we proved for the first time that excessive intake of salt is not good for health. This causes the immune system to weaken and then the body is unable to fight against such things as bacterial and viral infections.

Sodium chloride activates salt excretion in the kidney. If you start taking salt in excess then it causes an increase in the level of glucocorticoid which damages the granulocytes. Granulocytes are an immune cell found in the blood.

At the same time, the World Health Organization has advised people that only 5 grams (one teaspoon) of salt should be consumed in a day. If you consume more than that, then the immune system weakens.

Trade and manufacturing have made salt so cheap that its consumption has increased excessively. Compared to before, nowadays, the average man consumes 10 grams of salt a day and women 8 grams, which is much higher. This increases the risk of autoimmune diseases and arthritis.

David Heffler, a professor of neurology and immunobiology at Yale University, says people who consume more salt have more autoimmune diseases. Hafler explained in detail that if a person consumes fast food, which has high salt content. Their TH17 (Inflammatory Immune Cells) may increase rapidly.

This research also revealed that animals have ten times more TH17 (Inflammatory Immune Cells). This is because animals consume more salt. Excessive intake of salt makes the animals more susceptible to paralysis.

Scientists at Harvard Medical School and Argentina’s Raul Carey Institute for Neurological Research also found that consuming too much salt in food affects the brain, increasing the risk of multiple sclerosis.


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