low-calorie food
low-calorie food

When you are stressed, you opt for foods to kill your stress

low-calorie food
low-calorie food

This time around the world, Coronavirus has forced people to remain locked at home. There is a worrying situation in every way, in such a situation most people are going through some stress. India has a 21-day lockdown and many people work from home. There’s also concern about health during work from home because living, working, eating and sleeping in one place is troubling many people.

At the same time, many people are working at home eating chips, biscuits, and other snack items throughout the day. Continuous eating while working in this way is a sign of stress eating, which can be harmful to health in many ways and can be a cause of lifestyle diseases.

Stress eating is a mental state when a person is in mental tension and chooses to eat to reduce anxiety and stress. At the same time, many people also choose an easy way to cope with their negative feelings or thoughts. In such a situation, you eat food to eat the thoughts going on in your mind. People are eating so much when they aren’t even hungry and do it without thinking. If this eating pattern exceeds the normal range, it can potentially lead to eating disorders.


Why do we eat junk foods in stress eating?

Stress eating usually involves more of our comfort foods, which we eat junk food. These include desserts and other processed foods. These have a high glycemic index, which acts to increase blood sugar. When you eat them, even if you like it, it is working to increase weight and increase blood pressure in your body. Any food with a high glycemic index does this. The only problem is that these foods do not curb hunger, but our hunger keeps increasing. Therefore, usually, you feel the need to eat again after some time.


Stress Eating Disadvantages

Stress can affect your physical health in many ways in terms of your metabolism or heart health. Diabetes obesity, mood swings also increase in people due to this reason. At the same time, because of eating continuously, you also struggle with the feeling of self-aggression. As you eat, you regret doing it. This feeling is transient but it maintains the risk of anxiety or depression and increases over time.


Tips for dealing with stress eating

1. Identify the right workplace at home and do not keep food items at that place while you are working. Keep junk food especially away from your reach.

2. Follow a strict routine, which we skip while working from home.

3. Now that you are at home all day, eat healthy food at regular intervals.

4. When you dine, avoid watching television or your phone. Eat heartily, which will fill your stomach with the food you are eating and you will not feel hungry again and again.

5. You can eat your comforting and favorite foods but eat it sparingly.


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