Spitting in the open air is generally rude and it also has many side effects, can spread many serious diseases


Considering how fast the coronavirus is spreading worldwide, it is believed that it is not easy to eradicate. In such a situation, the government is issuing various guidelines to raise awareness. Recently, the Central Government has issued a decree, appealing to people, that spitting in public places is prohibited and even if a person is found doing so, it would be considered a legal crime.

Don’t spit in a public place and become a responsible citizen. At the same time, experts and doctors also say that sputum infection spreads hundreds of diseases. But the question is whether this government and administration initiative will leave people spitting in public places. Let’s read in detail.


Spit spreads hundreds of diseases

Sputum spreads many types of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Because of this, there is a possibility of hundreds of diseases in people. In addition to coronavirus, many other diseases are transmitted only by sputa, such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, bacterial meningitis, colds, AIDS, smallpox, polio, dengue, jaundice, and many others.

It is very common to ask how diseases are transmitted by doing so if the sputum goes to the ground. But when saliva is transferred from shoes, slippers, flies, etc. to our floor or to the touch, then it is natural to get an infection.


Psychologists’ opinion

Dr. Pooja Mahore, Child Psychologist, Associate Professor, KGMU, claims that children learn from the elderly in the home. Children will learn the same habit when older people spit in public places. People have to change their habits. Most gutkha or tobacco ingredients originate from the southern states of India, causing the walls to be multi-colored by spitting on them. It has become a habit anywhere in UP. It is everyone’s responsibility. Only with a firm will we can protect the public site and prevent the coronavirus from spreading.


This is how infection occurs

Anyone becomes infected only when the virus enters their body through the mouth, nose, and eyes. This virus reaches the mouth and nose only through the hands. You can have millions of viruses can on your hand at once. In this case, even a slight omission can cause the virus to enter the mouth. So get used to washing your hands. Not only until during the coronavirus period but also after this, you will also be protected from many other diseases.

What is the rule

According to the new guidelines of the Union Home Ministry, spitting in public places has been made a punishable offense under the Disaster Management Act. Along with this, wearing of masks at public and workplaces has also been made mandatory. At the same time, central health is constantly making awareness through various means not to spit in public places and become responsible citizens.

Legal argument

Advocate SP Mishra said that the Union Home Ministry has made provision for punishment for spitting in public places. However, this order of the central government is being implemented differently in different districts. The UP government needs to implement it strictly through its explicit orders.

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