Learn how THIS infectious disease that starts with a common cough spreads, what are the symptoms and who is at risk?

tb lungs


TB or tuberculosis is a dangerous lung disease. There are lots of TB patients in India. Despite every effort of the government, millions of people loses their lives every year due to this serious disease. World TB Day is celebrated every year on 24 March worldwide. Its purpose is to prevent the spread of the disease by creating awareness of TB in people. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The disease is spread through the air by the afflicted person.


How does TB disease spread?

Tuberculosis bacteria reach the lungs with your breath. Due to infection, small wounds are formed in the lungs, which can be detected by X-rays. If your body is low in immunity then the chances of TB bacteria to attack the body increases. TB bacteria are found in the lungs or lymph glands of patients.


Be careful when you see these symptoms

Most of the patients do not produce symptoms of the disease, but when the immunity in the body is low, the symptoms of the disease start appearing quickly and the patient becomes completely diseased. However, you can identify TB with these symptoms:

Cough persistent for more than two weeks.
Mild fever and lightheadedness.
Loss of appetite.
Sudden weight loss.
Chest pain.
Tiredness and night sweats.
Humeral swelling.
Knee pain.
Deep breathing chest pain.


Who is at greater risk of TB

Tuberculosis is more likely to happen to people whose food and way of living is not right. Due to these bad habits, the contaminated substances accumulate in the body and diseases gradually occur in the body.
The main reason for tuberculosis to occur in the body is the lack of immunity.
Symptoms of Tuberculosis are found in the body of a person when the patient works more than his working power.
Tuberculosis also occurs due to living in a wet place, in a dusty environment, lack of light and sunlight, and improper use of food.


It is easy to treat TB

TB is detected by examination of chest x-rays and sputum and mucus. Once the disease is diagnosed, it is treated with antibiotics and antibacterial drugs. The patient has to undergo treatment continuously for 6 to 9 months. Due to irregularities in the intake of medicines, the bacteria of this disease develop immunity against the disease, due to which the drug is not affected. This condition is dangerous for the patient. During treatment, the patient should take a nutritious diet and avoid alcohol and smoking, etc.


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