Greta Thunberg and her father suspected of coronavirus

Greta Thunberg and her father suspected of coronavirus, feeling symptoms for 10 days

17-year-old famous climate activist Greta Thunberg has been feeling the symptoms of Coronavirus for 10 days, she has made a special appeal to the youth 17-year-old Greta Thunberg,...
Coronavirus & Nausea

Can nausea or vomiting also be a symptom of the coronavirus?

Nausea According to the World Health Organization, fever, dry cough, and sore throat are among the most common symptoms of the coronavirus. Apart from this, is vomiting...

THIS paste will ERASE wrinkles and skin hanging from the side of the eyes

If you start getting wrinkles, loose skin, and fine lines around the eyes even before you get old, then this homemade anti-aging face cream will be beneficial...
breast cancer

Fourth stage of breast cancer can be prevented through these therapies

The fourth stage of breast cancer can be very dangerous for anyone Cancer is a very difficult disease to treat. If not attended to at the right time,...

Glaucoma: Learn what its symptoms are and how to prevent it.

Glaucoma is also commonly referred to as a black cataract. Our eyes are like a balloon with fluid inside them Glaucoma is a disease associated with the eye,...

Not corona, but 4000 people die daily from this disease

WHO New Recommendations To Prevent Tuberculosis: According to WHO, 4 thousand people lose their lives due to TB every day   New guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO)...

What is coronavirus? Learn all about it

What Is Coronavirus: Learn its symptoms and more Coronavirus, a new disease spread in China, has killed more than hundreds of people and infected thousands worldwide. At the...

This way of breathing can be beneficial in protecting against viruses and bacteria

By breathing this special way, you can avoid other viral diseases including coronavirus. Most viruses and bacteria die from such breathing   Coronavirus is a type of viral infection,...
Diabetes problem

Causes and symptoms of diabetes and ways to check blood sugar at home

Diabetes problem arises due to irregular eating, so you should keep checking your blood sugar continuously Nowadays, due to a busy life and lack of proper food, diabetes...
diseases are silent killers

These diseases are silent killers, they strike suddenly

Nowadays most people are suffering from some diseases. There are many diseases whose symptoms are not understood and then later these become fatal for life. It is...

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