By breathing this special way, you can avoid other viral diseases including coronavirus. Most viruses and bacteria die from such breathing


Coronavirus is a type of viral infection, which means it spreads to everyone who comes in contact with an infected person. Generally, all viral illnesses or infections are transmitted through sneezing, coughing, and talking. The coronavirus is discussed these days but hundreds of viral diseases and infections continue to spread around us. Some doctors believe that if you make a slight change in your breathing habit, then you may be ready to fight this type of virus infection.

Breathing is one of the most important actions in our life. So, to prevent disease and prevent viral infections, we tell you what is the correct way to breathe and how it is beneficial.


What is the correct way to breathe?

In Yoga Science, the correct way of breathing is described as: taking your breath out of your nose and expelling it out of your mouth. The same method is taught in yoga and meditation classes. In reality, modern scientific research also discovers that in this special way, that is, nasal breathing is very beneficial for the body. It keeps the lungs healthy and reduces the risk of viral infections, etc. Here is the scientific reason for this.


Why is breathing this way beneficial?

Air enters our body during respiration. But the process of breathing through the nose is entirely based on physiology. When you breathe through your mouth, air reaches the lungs directly through the mucous membrane. There is no barrier in between. In such a situation, if there are any viruses or bacteria around it, it also reaches the lungs or mucous membrane directly. As you breathe through your nose, this air passes through a particular part, where there is a natural gas chamber to prevent this virus or bacteria. Let’s understand this in more detail.


The gas chamber that kills bacteria/viruses in the nose

A special gas is produced in different parts of our body all the time, which is called nitric oxide. The molecules of this gas play an important role in our body and health. One of those places that produce nitric oxide is in the back of the nose, which is called the nasal cavity. The nasal cavity is an air-filled space behind the nose, so it can be said to be like a chamber filled with gas with nitric oxide, which passes through the air you breathe. Due to this nitric oxide (NO), blood circulation increases in your body as soon as you breathe, and oxygen dissolves in the blood. So when you breathe in through your nose, viruses and bacteria don’t go directly to the lungs and pass-through this nasal cavity. Through respiration, this nitric oxide also reaches the lungs.

The last time SARS disease spread was in 2004 when several studies were done. Research has found that nitric oxide (NO) has antiviral properties. According to the research, nitric oxide molecules block the viral proteins and genetic material of the coronavirus, rendering the virus inactive. In a small clinical study, nitric oxide was also found to be beneficial in people affected by SARS disease and pneumonia. However, more study is needed on this.

But if this breathing method continues with social distancing, masks, and other rules, then a great victory can be achieved by defeating the virus.


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